Sustainable Water Solutions

We offer a number of different solutions which are suitable for homes and businesses to collect and store water. Sustainable rainwater harvesting is a brilliant way to collect free water from the sky that will be immediately available to you for use in your home or office. Our aim is to help individuals become less dependent on commercial water systems and to rather be more self-reliant. This approach to water conservation in the home/office will greatly reduce the stress and pressure placed on our environment for water.

Rainwater Harvesting: As South Africans, we have to face the fact that we are living in a country that experiences droughts and low rainfall in most areas. We can help you to install a rainwater harvesting system in your home or business. The rainwater tanks can be easily connected to existing guttering through simple pipe networks, meaning the tank automatically accumulates rainwater when it rains. This water can be used in your garden, or it can be connected to a pump and filter so that you can use it in your home.

Grey Water Harvesting: On average, approximately 60% of wastewater that leaves a South African household can be reused as grey water. This is water from baths, showers, washing machines and sinks. We can install a grey water harvesting system that will collect and store this water for non-potable use. That means that you can use it in your garden and reduce your use of more expensive potable water.

Municipal Backup Systems: In areas that are affected by water cuts on a regular basis, it would be beneficial to install a water storage tank to be used as a buffer tank. This system will store municipal water automatically via a float valve. The water will be pumped into your main water line to be used as normal. When there is a water cut in your area, you won’t even realise it!

Maintenance Tips: At PJ’s Plumbers, we try our very best to install your tank with as many pre-filtration systems in place as possible. Unfortunately, some dirt can still get into your tank so it is important to keep cleaning and maintaining your system. We recommend that you check your gutters and roof regularly for leaves and twigs, especially if you know it is going to rain. We install Leaf Eaters and First Flush Diverters onto your downpipe to catch any dust and leaves. These should be cleaned every 3 months. The inside of your tank can get dirty at the bottom, we recommend that you clean this once a year. Don’t worry too much about any of this yet as we will give you a more detailed list of maintenance tips after we have installed your tank!

We are on the list of accredited installers for JoJo Tanks in Kwa-Zulu Natal, so we can supply and install the full range of JoJo Tanks. If you have your own tank that is a different brand, not to worry as we will still be able to install the tank for you!